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This is because the eraser doesn’t really erase the pixels itself, but rather the strokes you made. So if you want to thin out a line you have to adjust the pressure, which can get a bit annoying. For example, I decided to really thin out the outline around Pikachu’s cheeks and back stripes (because they’re «soft» color boundaries) and adjust his foot. Don’t hesitate to make another, cleaner sketch on top of your preliminary one if you feel that’ll make things easier to see. In this case, since the drawing I’m doing is pretty simple, it wasn’t necessary. Typical scam pet ads are from out of the area and involve monkeys, huskies, small breed dogs, parrots, etc. if you cannot phone the person who placed the ad I would be very suspicious. Here’s a summary of all the different shapes and the strokes they produce in this handy dandy chart: The actual shading and highlighting process This is another step that falls mostly in the realm of «artistic application» that I can’t really explain. You’ll notice that due to the vector nature of the lines, when you try to erase only a bit of the line to thin it or whatever, it erases in ugly chunks, which contributes to the small detail problem.

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