Инструкция canon rebel t4i/650d

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The T4i is the best of Canon’s low-end plastic «Rebel» DSLRs. The Digital Rebel T4i is called the Kiss X6i in Japan and the EOS 650D outside the Americas. Then add, minimally, a telephoto zoom lens and a wide angle zoom lens to your kit. After filling the buffer with 8 frames, a 9th frame is captured .36 seconds later and the T6i then continues to capture images at a 2 fps rate. If shooting action, the 8-frame buffer is … very small. Editors’ note, March 28, 2013: Canon recently discontinued the T4i and has replaced it with the nearly identical EOS Rebel T5i.People who use Live View with autofocus for stills or video are the biggest winners with this generation of the top model in Canon’s EOS Rebel series.

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