Via ieee 1394 инструкция

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For screen capture to work in ver 0.9.3, the version of ffmpeg installed needs to have been compiled with the —enable-x11grab option. Firewire This captures video from sources connected via a firewire (also known as — IEEE 1394 High Speed Serial Bus) card and cable. Kdenlive provides functionality for capturing video from external devices; e.g., Firewire, FFmpeg, Screen Grab and Blackmagic. Blackmagic This is for capturing from Blackmagics decklink video capture cards (AFAIK). Not sure how stable this code is at the moment. Once capturing is finished, click the disconnect button In the Captured Files dialog, click the import button to have the captured files automatically imported into the project tree. The ffmpeg version from the latter branch reports the configuration when you run with ffmpeg -version.

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