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Rear differential was not available with limited-slip. In option were sunroof, A/C, cruise control, power windows, central locking, electrical heated seats and electrical side-mirrors. However, rear-seat passengers have only adequate head room, and an inch less leg room than the previous model. Генератор. Натяжитель ремня привода навесных агрегатов и кронштейн. Очень удобные сидения…. подробнее Посмотреть все отзывы об автомобилях Mitsubishi Galant / Мицубиси Галант. Also in 1991, Mitsubishi Motors Company completed a new assembly facility at Barcelona, Venezuela, with the Galant being one of the first models produced. It was sold there until 1994 under the ZX, MF, MS and MX names, which identified the various levels of equipment and transmission.

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