Инструкция по ремонт ford scorpio 2.0i

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Ford found that customers were more attached to the idea of a saloon than they had expected, and this was further addressed in 1987 by the production of a saloon version of the Sierra. In the UK, this model was called the Ford Sierra Sapphire. Til faceliftet i 1992 blev udstyrsvarianten CL omdøbt til CLX, samt GL til GLX. Kun betegnelsen Ghia forblev uændret. The vehicle has no spare wheel; instead an aerosol foam sealant is provided to seal punctures until a new tyre can be purchased. The power ranged between 75 PS (55 kW) for the 1.6 and 120 PS (88 kW) for the XR4 and later Ghia S versions.[23] Some Ghia models also featured automatic transmission as an optional. Restyling Mk-1 (1992)[editar] Ford Scorpio restyling). En 1992 el Scorpio / Granada experimento un profundo «restyling» tanto a nivel exterior, pero sobre todo a nivel interior.

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