Инструкция для фотоаппарата cannon a530

Your Aperture, like the iris in your eye, “opens up” to let in more light or “closes down” to let in less. Режим ручных регулировок имеет гораздо меньшие возможности чем в аппарате Canon А60. Если выдержку можно выбрать любую в диапазоне от 15 секунд до 1/2000, то диафрагма устанавливается только или минимальная, или максимальная при выбранном зуме. Get more tips on avoiding camera shake here. Overall I was very impressed with the photos I took with the PowerShot A540. They were well-exposed with accurate color, low noise, and a nice «smooth» look.

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Still, the A530 is a camera that will meet the needs of the average consumer very well. It’s an easy Dave’s Pick. Next to that is the AF-assist lamp, which doubles as the self-timer lamp.

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Editing functions include trimming, redeye removal, and the ability to adjust levels, color, brightness, sharpness, and the tone curve. Если вы сразу прикупите карту памяти побольше, то не придется экономить на размере снимков. The A540 starts up in just 1.3 seconds, it focuses fairly quickly, and shutter lag was not a problem.

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Function menu By pressing the center button on the four-way controller, you’ll open up the Function menu. The price of higher sensitivity is more noise. In fact, with more megapixels crammed onto the tiny sensor surface, even ISO 400 exhibits more noise than it did in the good old days when a 3-Mp sensor was hot stuff. While the camera has a large 2.5″ LCD display, the resolution is poor. On a more positive note, the screen was quite visible in low light situations. The A540 is made mostly of plastic, though it feels pretty solid in the hand.

There are some other cameras that I wanted on this list, but unfortunately their manufacturer doesn’t make that information available. Shutter speed range is 15 — 1/2000 sec Aperture priority (Av) mode You choose aperture, camera picks appropriate shutter speed. While I see a bit of blurriness in the corners of the test chart, I did not find it to be a problem in my real world test photos.

But Canon has used the space intelligently, turning it into a hand grip with most of the A530’s weight in the grip. Range is F2.6 — F8 Full manual (M) mode Choose both the shutter speed and aperture yourself; same ranges as above As you can see, the A540 has full manual exposure controls — something that sets it apart from other cameras in this class. This causes some pixelation, but it’s better than the noise you’d otherwise hear from the zoom lens. The ISO 80 and 100 shots are very similar, and the ISO 200 shot could easily be printed at 8 x 10. The ISO 400 shot has noticeable grain, though it cleans up really nicely in NeatImage, so you can get a midsize print at that setting.

There’s mild-to-moderate barrel distortion at the wide end of the A540’s 4X zoom lens. That means that you’ll need to buy a memory card, which drives up the initial cost of the camera a bit. Finally, let me point out once again the benefit of a PictBridge-compatible digicam.

There are a few differences between the A530 and A540 (besides the resolution) that are worth pointing out. For more details you can open up the advanced manual, which should answer any question you might have. A separate software manual is also included. The Display button turns the LCD on and off, and also toggles what is shown on it. The first is that any Auto mode occasionally disappoints.

The A540 supports Canon’s external slave flash, which I mentioned in the accessories section. Your assignment for this week, pop your camera on over to Shutter Priority and take 2 images of the same (or at least the same type) of moving object. Видео разрешением 640х480 частотой 30 кадров в сек. со звуком.

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