Инструкция для сони а58

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Infinitely more usefull than the Sony manual. If you buy the PDF version you also get the kindle version which you can use on your iPhone with a downloadable kindle reader. Priority AE] or [Scene Selection], or when [Multi Frame Noise Reduct.] is selected, you cannot select [Auto HDR]. Page 133: Setting Image Processing, Picture Effect Setting image processing Picture Effect Select the desired effect filter to achieve more impressive and artistic images. But it’s still somewhat better than alternatives, which tend to be last year’s models or older. Set the power switch to ON to turn on the camera. Notes •… Page 86 Selecting the shooting mode Scene Selection This mode is suitable for Shooting with preset settings based on the scene Set the mode dial to (Scene Selection), select the desired mode, and shoot images (page 38). (Portrait) Blurs away backgrounds and sharpens the subject. Default exposure is quite good for our Far-field shot as well, just a touch underexposed but with very few highlights blown, again with DRO disabled.

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