Directadmin инструкция попасть на хостинг

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Use httpd -S to get the current configuration in use. Spending a few minutes to make an easy, convenient backup of your database will allow you to spend even more time being creative and productive with your website. Defaults to php 5.2 3: custombuild 1.2:Production version: Apache 2.x, php 5, 6, or both in cli and/or suphp. defaults to php 5.3 4: custombuild 2.0 BETA: Apache 2.4, mod_ruid2, php 5.5. Can be set to use php-FPM or fastcgi. These will be available to the package welcome email to the client.NotesEnter any notes that pertain to this server for future reference.After filling out these options, click «Add Server» to add your DirectAdmin server.Server GroupsServer groups are useful for categorizing DirectAdmin servers. This results in less incidents and greater customer satisfaction. We couldn’t be happier.» — Myron Salant, Head of Product — Web Services, Web Africa (South Africa) Security Should be Stupid Simple You and your customers have access to a super easy to use web application.

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