Тесто 327 инструкция

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Scrolling through the other display screens will provide stack temperature, efficiency, ambient temperature, and CO air free. This Testo 327-1 CPA1 Flue Gas Analyser Standard Kit features all the required probes, hoses and a gas pressure controller to use on Let By and Tightness tests plus additional benefits for Gas Engineers working towards the CPA1 qualification. The basic 327 comes with the analyzer, flue gas probe, and charger. The buttons allow the operator to turn the unit on and off, toggle the backlight, use the optional printer, turn the internal pump on and off, and hold the readings. Lengths: 0.02 to 99,999 m Accuracy: ±0.02% full scale (±1 digit) Operating temperature: 0 to +50°C Storage temperature: -20 → +70 °C Optical Non-Laser Contact.

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